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(Should probably find/make better mood icons, now that I think about it. Most of the ones I have on my hard drive are from fandoms I'm not even a part of anymore...)

Hate to start this account off with some depressing news, but...

If you follow me on dA, you know that earlier in the week a girl I used to know died of leukemia. And tonight, I found out that my great-grandmother passed away.

To be completely honest, I'm... not as upset as I feel like I should be. She was in her 90s and had dementia for years, and everyone in the family has been prepared for her passing. She went peacefully, as far as I've heard, with her family surrounding her.

Mostly I just feel guilty that I couldn't be there; I'm about 200 miles away at college. I still feel like I should have been there with her, not that I know how I could have. But I was sure to check up on my grandmother, her step-daughter, since I know the two were very close.

The funeral's this weekend, so I'll be back in my home city for that.

Remember, my child...

"Without innocence, the cross is only iron, hope is only an illusion, and Ocean Soul is nothing but a name."
- Nightwish


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